There is no need to contemplate who the next emerging artist of Atlanta's  hip hop, pop and R&B will be; Lens To The Future is providing overwhelming clarity.

A fitting name considering his vision is more definitive than that of his contemporaries. He started making music at age six and has been an  early adopter since his youth. That much is almost as clear as the fact  Lens To The Future possesses the full set of relevant , desirable characteristics to separate himself artistically from his counterparts.

Originally from Port De Paix Haiti Lens To The Future began releasing music in 2018. He describes his sound as a mix of Young thug, J Cole, Roddy Ricch , NBA Young Boy, Future & other various Atlanta based artists.  Except being on the competitive landscape today is not only about an artists’ sound but many other contributing factors . The modern audience is not easily fooled; while it carries the ability to expel those who do not meet their standards and the voice to dispense of them promptly ; it simultaneously has an unbridled rabid support for  artists like Lens To The Future who exceed the measures and do so with scintillating detail.

Discover “AWKWARD ROMANTIC” a rap song you can grab your lover and slow dance to. It is unique, dramatic and large in every way.  Lens To The Future melodizes “They say we just young and dumb; and they say love is blind, but they cant see what we got, maybe they can and they lying”, just moments before switching the flow and drilling line after line. 

“LOCAL BADDIE” produced by Can U, combines a mainstream sound with relentless bars.

Just try keeping up with the sing-a-long style lyric video and the recognition of his rap talent is immediately warranted. In addition to the pure entertainment produced by the accompanying palette and animations; the result is a milestone not soon to be exceeded.

In November 2020 his highly anticipated album THE OPENING ACT will be available on all popular platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer and SoundCloud.